Onboarding/Getting Started

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Welcome!  You are about to embark on an incredible journey. Whether you have joined the 7k opportunity to have a better way to save real wealth for the future, or if you are here to build an extra income, or both - regardless you have made a great decision. 

This training portal has been created to help you on your journey. 

In this first "Getting Started" series we will cover all the basic information you need to "get started". 

This course is broken into 4 modules:

Module 1 - Welcome

Module 2 - Orientation

Module 3 - The Path Ahead

Plus a BONUS Module

The lessons are designed to go in sequential order, however you may skip around if needed as well as return to any video at any time. We hope you find this training helpful and WELCOME! Your Life Will Never Be The Same!

1 Lesson

Video lesson

4 Lessons

Video lesson
Text lesson

Lesson 2:  7k Account Setup

These 2 videos, one for mobile devices and one for desktops are about how to log in to your web site, setup all your act info, navigate, purchase other products .

Video lesson

Lesson 3:  7k Website Tools

This video will take you back into your website and show you all the other advantages of the website as well as access to other resources that are part of your membership.

Video lesson

This will walk you through the set up of the wallet