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Long Term Wealth

An ounce of silver 10,000 years ago is still worth one ounce of silver today, and it will still be worth an ounce of silver in 10,000 more years. Build your financial house on a foundation that will last forever.

Earn Monthly Income

The only way to build long term wealth is to have the income to set aside and build for the future. Our unique SHARE opportunity can pay you monthly income. Which you can use to buy food, pay bills, or invest!

Rapid Growth Solutions

Our collectible coins are not just fun to collect, they are also one of the fastest ways to make a potentially big profit with metals. Our coins are in high demand, limited, and have a built in network of willing buyers. 

The Story of Money through Time

2000 years ago the ROMAN EMPIRE was the most powerful nation on planet earth. Nearly 2000 years before that the Babylonians dominated world power and before that the Egyptians made a lasting mark that still remains to this day. 

The one thing all of these cultures had in common is their use of SILVER AND GOLD as the primary tools for economic exchange. The reason is because every piece of coin could easily be exchanged for another piece of the same measurement, and everyone knew it would always be worth the same "1 ounce of silver".  

Throughout history the use of silver and gold as money has continued generation after generation. At the founding of the United States it was even written in the constitution that "all debts must be paid with silver or gold" (A.I, S.10, C.1). And that simply was the way of monetary life on the planet... 

At least that was life until 1971, when President Richard Nixon removed us from a gold standard and instituted a new "FIAT" currency. "Fiat" means "by decree", which means it's not worth anything other than people's perception of how much it is worth. While this might seem harmless enough, over the next 50 years our new fiat money became worth less and less, requiring more and more money to buy the same ol' goods and services. 

The only way to STOP the devaluation of this fiat currency is by diversifying and putting your money back in to gold and silver. That's where we can help...

The Problem:

Traditional websites that sell Gold and Silver have really the deck stacked against the consumer..... They charge substantially more than the spot price of the metals, and they pay relatively little if/when you decided to convert it back to cash. Which means while it is a great place to store wealth for the long term, in the short term these metals are not actually that practical for day to day use.  To top it off, many of these sites/dealers sell inventory they don't actually own, which means it could be weeks or months before you get your recently purchased precious metals.

The Solution:

We have solved that problem. Through our strategic partnership with 7k Metals, we have the opportunity to: 

- Sell silver and gold metal bullion at dealer direct pricing! which means you get the best price possible.

- Offer rare and exclusive coins, which means you can invest in metals that have the potential to increase rapidly in value

- Share this opportunity and earn monthly recurring income by simply telling people about how you are investing in gold & silver and helping them learn to do the same. 


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